S. Saravanan, founder of this firm is a CMDA Registered Construction Engineer (CE/19/09/605) with a permit for 15m elevation that lasted for the past decade, with a vast experience of built area 50000 lakh sq m, 30 lakh sq m area of painting and interiors, venturing crucial rehabilitation and renovation structures.

  • Developing, improving, implementing, communicating our objectives, policies, procedures, and strategies that all our projects be delivered on time to the best standards.
  • Employing and retaining talented professionals by affording excellent working conditions and professional development.
  • Regular performance reviews and audits, conducted to act diligently to expand the effectiveness of the system across all the projects and services to the employees and clients.

Why Choose S.Saravanan & Associate

Professional approach to building design and construction and in-time delivery Transparency in billing and payment in pre-agreed installments Customization incorporating ideas of customers in building design and construction.

  • Focus on structural stability in building design ensures resilience and robustness of the building
  • Climate responsive design ensures lower carbon footprint (reduces electricity bills for lighting, cooling and heating)
  • Customer oriented approach to the building process ensures everlasting
  • Relationship with the customer
  • Hassle free home loan processing
  • Seamless government regulatory approval processing (CMDA approval, TNEB connection, etc)
  • 24/7 site surveillance using CCTV cameras connected to the customer as well the project coordinator
  • Dedicated Engineer for every site
Residential Construction Contractors in Madipakkam
Residential Construction Contractors in Madipakkam
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